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Vape Insurance

What is Vape Insurance?
Vape insurance provides coverage for General Liability Insurance, Product Liability Insurance, Personal/Advertising Liability Insurance (marketing liability) for vape shops, e-liquid manufacturers, device manufactures, distributors, and importers.  Vape insurance coverage is intended to indemnify against Health Hazards, Product Defect claims such as exploding battery claims, and alleged Consumer Rights violations. 

Why choose CALCO?
Since 2008 we have improved policy wording and coverage to benefit our insureds.  We are the largest insurance writer for the vape industry, and have been chosen by (SFATA) - The Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association to offer their members the CALCO policy.  Quotes are provided within minutes and a policy may be secured using our online signature process. 

 We offer two types of General Liability policies:
  • Basic:  General Liability Insurance, not including Product Liability  - (Average Cost  $1,300 to  $2,000)
  • Broad: General Liability Insurance, including Product Liability        - (Average Cost  $2,500 to  $8,500)
  • Average Cost: Depends on level of liability limits requested and projected annual gross sales of your business

ALL Vape Companies have the following exposures:
  • Product Liability - Anyone involved in the stream of commerce of any consumer product is held liable.  Unlike large tobacco companies, electronic cigarette brands/companies will not indemnify you or your business.  Most are uninsured, and the companies that are insured, lack the sufficient policy endorsements which extend coverage to you.  Even if you are listed as an Additional Insured on the manufacturers policy, their insurance policy will act as secondary and not primary to you in the even of a lawsuit.  
  • Slip and fall claims - Slip and fall claims are the most common exposure for retail business premises.  Your landlord will require that you maintain this coverage at all times.
  • Fire/Theft/Wind damage to inventory/property - Your desks, phones, cabinets, and inventory are all part of Business Personal Property.
  • Loss of Business Income due to fire/theft/wind or other covered perils - Even when your business suffers an unforeseen interruption, and sales have temporarily ceased, such as after a fire, the daily expenses do not stop.  The only way you can protect yourself during this interruption in daily operations is by having coverage for Loss of Earnings/Business Income.
  • Workers Compensation - This coverage is required by law in the United States.  In a retail store, anyone on the floor is considered an employee, even if you consider them an "independent contractor".  The only exceptions to the workers compensation insurance requirement are the owners of the business themselves.  Failure to maintain workers compensation insurance can result in fines greater than what it cost to initially establish the retail vapor shop itself. 
  • Cargo Insurance - This coverage is for those who are importing large amounts of products.
Calco Commercial Insurance has been specializing in electronic cigarette insurance since 2008!  We have launched a new vape insurance site take a look.