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Q. What is Product Liability Insurance?

A.  Product Liability Insurance is a type of coverage designed to defend an insured against a third party in the event of a loss as a result of the sale or use of your product.  According to the Strict Liability law, everyone in the chain of commerce is liable for the product which they sell.  A manufacturer will bear the largest market share of the product and the liability in the even of a law suit.  However, during pending litigation you will have to pay for your own defense fees and may ultimately have to pay your portion of the damages to the plaintiff.   

Q.  What are the liability limits offered?

The limits we offer range from $250,000 to $30,000,000.

Q. How much does product liability for electronic cigarettes, vape products, and e-juice cost?

A.  The annual premium premium is largely based on your gross sales or projected gross sales.  The base premium for a policy with $250,000  limits starts at $3,500 annually. 

Q. Is there a payment plan?

A. Yes. A typical payment consists of a down payment which is followed by 9 or 10 installments for a one-year policy.

Q. Is Product Recall Insurance covered in Product Liability Insurance?

A. No. Product Recall Insurance provides coverage for recalling, shipping, advertising, loss of earning, destruction, and or warehousing of the contaminated or hazardous product.  Whereas product liability pays for the actual injuries.  

Q. Is Product Recall Insurance offered?

A.  Yes, we can offer a Product Recall Insurance policy separately.

Q.  What is Vape Insurance?

A. Vape insurance provides coverage liability coverage for health hazard and defective products. Such coverage includes allegations of disease or illness and exploding batteries or devices.