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Our journey began in 2008 when we became the first specialty broker in the United States to focus exclusively on the Vape Industry.  Our E-Cigarette/E-Liquid Insurance Program addresses the exposures which are faced by the Vape Industry.  More specifically, our policy states in a clear and concise language that e-cigarettes and the liquids containing nicotine are insured under the contract.  As a company, we have lobbied in favor of the Vapor Industry and will continue to do so, on the city, state, and federal levels.  Our most notable efforts have been the aimed at lobbying our congressional offices in Washington D.C.   Insurance is a top priority to the members of The Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (sfata.org).  As such, we were chosen by SFATA to offer their members our valuable policy.  During these innovative years we have made contributions which include safety improvements to the e-cigarette technology, developed product warnings and loss control services. 

We have recently added Vape Life Insurance products to compliment our offerings.  If you vape you will not be classed as a tobacco user.  This allows one to secure a higher limit policy for a lower cost.

We look forward to a bright future and are always happy to speak you.  We may be reach at 877.225.2699  M-F 9 AM to 5 PM.