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Working with CALCO:

We have been the go-to brokers for the vapor category since 2008.  We work with retail and wholesale insurance brokers across the nation.  CALCO offers access to General Liability and Product Liability with an absence of a Health Hazard Exclusion.  In fact, our policy specifically states that ecigarettes, components, and the eliquids which contain nicotine are insured.  To complement our primary policy we offer a follow form excess up to 5MM.  Beyond the 10MM limits we can layer the excess for a combined total of 30MM.  We also have an option for Vape Shops which opt to secure a Premise Liability policy only.  Minimum premiums are quite low and we offer theft coverage on business personal property in both programs. 

Depending on the program, we can provide an indication by phone or a bindable quote within hours.    

We value your business and will protect it.  Below are the steps we take to ensure that your accounts and quotes remain protected: 
  • We normally don't accept Broker of Record letters 
  • Our company name "CALCO" never appears on your clients policy - no sense in promoting others if you're doing all the work
  • We don't solicit your clients - all quotes, endorsements, policies, and renewals are sent directly to your office

Submission requirements for General Liability Including Product Liability:

Submission requirements for General Liability Excluding Product Liability:

  • Fully completed Vape Shop Application
  • On average a Vape Shop with less than 600K in sales will have a combined annual premium of $1,430 for 1M per claim and 2M aggregate (excluding Products/Completed Ops) and coverage for all of their inventory and tenant improvements.  This is only an estimate and does not include taxes or fees.